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Star Trek (****)

Most people that I know that saw this in the theater said it was good, but then again they all loved spiderman, which I thought was ok, but not great. Last weekend I picked this up on Bluray , and headed down to the basement theater and gave it a go. The young actor all gave good performances, and the plot and writing was pretty good. They last few star trek movies had gotten a little to cheezy for my liking. I hope they keep this series going.

A definate rental, and probably even a buy recomendation.

Streaming movies from the PC to the PS3

After years of ending up with empty DVD cases or DVDs rendered unusable from scratches, Ive decided to take my whole DVD collection digital. Well I guess digital isnt the correct word, since they are technically allready digital. But Im backing them all up onto a hard drive and streaming them to my pc when I want to watch them. The original disks will still sit up in the bookcase, but wont get all scratched up. In a sense they have now become the backup for my electronic copies. This is considered a grey legal area on whether you are allowed to do this, but since I own the originals and have them within 10 feet of the dvd player, I feel Im in the clear.

There are probably 10 different was to do this, but this is the way I am doing it.

This is a step by step tutorial if the conversion and the streaming.

What you will need

1. ripbot264 - also requires (ffdshow ,Avisynth ,ffdshow)
2. ps3 media server
3. A computer
4. A PS

A step by step will follow shortly....

Still watching movies

Ive been watching a bunch of blurays in the basement theater, quite a mix of titles, and enjoying every minute of it. More to come.. on recent events like the back yard movies weve been showing.

Polk Audio RM75 Speakers

For christmas, I bought or I should say I received a set of Polk Audio RM75 speakers. This set consist of 4 small surround speakers and a center channel. I also bought the 10" Polk audio sub to go with it. I have a non-dedicated home theater in the basement and was slightly worried about the room size, and If the speakers would fill the room. The room is about 40x15 with the theater to one end probably a space of 17x15, but open all the way. I hooked them up to my sony-720 reciever threw in the Blu-ray copy of Wall-E I recieved for chrismas also, and WOW was I blown away. The sound was awesome, everthing was crisp as could be, no muddled sound at all and the sub was shaking the house, with no distortion at all.
These are a definate buy.


We watched 21 in the basement theater last week. It was ok, not great not terrible. It might have been better if I hadnt seen the one based on the same story on the history channel or discovery or one of those. I think I prefered the one on tv better. 2.5 out of 4. Worth a rental, but I wouldnt buy it.

Movie review - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I had high hopes for this movie since the other movies from the creators were pretty damn funny. I did find myself laughing out load a few times, but for the most part I kept waiting for it to get funny. It just seemed to drag between the few funny parts. 2.5 out of 5.

Finally getting super hero movies right.

For the most part most of the super hero movies have been pretty disapointing to me. All my co-workers seems to like spiderman, but to me it was just ho-hum. They were just ok. Lately they seem to be doing things right, the last 2 batman movies are great as well as ironman, which I loved. Lets keep or fingers crossed that this is the new norm, and that the days of electra and daredevil are over.
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