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Blockbuster adds in store kiosks

Blockbuster will introduce new in-store kiosks that let customers download movies directly to media players. The only player that will work initally is the Archos players. They are looking to add more device partners.

I dont think having them in-store is a good idea, I mean whats the point, Im allready at the store Ill get the dvd and put it on there myself. Maybe at the mall, 7-11's or in airports would be a better idea.

Maybe its just me, but I dont get it.

Indy and I are back in action.

I have been absent for a little while. I took a little vacation and then just got a little lazy, but Im back and so is Indy.

The wife and I took the kids to see the new indy flick this weekend. I thought it was great, it was fun, exciting , and a little bit over the top. Everything you would expect from a good indy flick, it was much better than the last one. The wife thought the inclusion on aliens was pretty lame, I thought they tied it all in nicely. I think Shia lebouf did a pretty good job, but I dont think he can or should be the new Indy.

All in all it was a good flick, and will definately get a play or two in the home theater.

Ironman vs. Speed Racer

Ironman destroyed Speed racer at the box office this weekend 51 million to 18 million. I think it was really stupid for speed racer to be release the same week as ironman. I think a lot of people want to see both, but ironman is clearly the better of the two. In the long run speed racer should do fine, with rentals and the such. I can't wait to see them both.

Answers to Movie Screenshot Quiz #2

1. Freaky Friday
2. Parenthood
3. Little Man
4. Lawrence of Arabia
5. Mighty Joe Young
6. Romancing the Stone / Jewel of the Nile
7. A Fish Called Wanda
8. Minority Report
9. The Perfect Storm
10. Stir Crazy

Chronicles of Narnia Theater Idea

My kids are big fans of the movie chronicles of narnia. It is being released on Blu-ray on the 13th, and that got me thinking about an idea for a themed theater based on the movie.

My idea is to have the doors to the theater look like a wardrobe from the outside. Then just inside the door have branches coming out of the wall.
In the theather intead on colums you could make statues out of paper mache' or something like that to hide the speaker. Maybe a stuffed lion, and other trinkets from the movie.

Any thought or suggestions.

POTC Theaters

Im a huge disney fan, and I have seen this theater on the avsforums, but I found a writeup done here.

Cool stuff.

Court upholds Netflix "throttling" settlement

A California appeals court has upheld a 2006 settlement of a consumer lawsuit against online movie rental company Netflix Inc over the objections of four Netflix subscribers who challenged the terms.

This doesnt really surprise me. If people didnt get 8 dvds every two days and rip them, the rest of us wouldnt end up screwed.

Am I being targeted

After my post about going to the Bose factory outlet, I started receiving Bose ads in my email. The funny thing is that I didnt give them my email while I was there. It could be just odd timing, but its got me wondering...
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