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The Cinemascope dilemma

When I initially bought my projector and screen, I was under the impression that most movies that said widescreen were 16:9. So that is what I bought. An Elite Silver Frame. Its a great screen and I love it, but after hooking everything up, and enjoying numerious movies, Im starting to realize most of the newer movies are 2.35:1(Cinemascope). So after spending all that money, I end up with black bars still.

Before I go out and buy another screen, Ive been thinking about building my own with 1x4’s and some blackout cloth. I don’t have an dedicated home theater, and the 2.35:1 wont fit great where the other one was, but I really want to watch the movies in that larger format. What’s a guy to do?

Im back

Well its been quite a while since Ive updated this blog. Work has been really busy and summer always seem to take me outside and away from the computer. Ive watch a few movies down in the theater, but have a stack I still need to get to. Ive also been pondering making a 2.35:1 DIY screen and playing around with that.
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