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Polk Audio RM75 Speakers

For christmas, I bought or I should say I received a set of Polk Audio RM75 speakers. This set consist of 4 small surround speakers and a center channel. I also bought the 10" Polk audio sub to go with it. I have a non-dedicated home theater in the basement and was slightly worried about the room size, and If the speakers would fill the room. The room is about 40x15 with the theater to one end probably a space of 17x15, but open all the way. I hooked them up to my sony-720 reciever threw in the Blu-ray copy of Wall-E I recieved for chrismas also, and WOW was I blown away. The sound was awesome, everthing was crisp as could be, no muddled sound at all and the sub was shaking the house, with no distortion at all.
These are a definate buy.


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