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Streaming movies from the PC to the PS3

After years of ending up with empty DVD cases or DVDs rendered unusable from scratches, Ive decided to take my whole DVD collection digital. Well I guess digital isnt the correct word, since they are technically allready digital. But Im backing them all up onto a hard drive and streaming them to my pc when I want to watch them. The original disks will still sit up in the bookcase, but wont get all scratched up. In a sense they have now become the backup for my electronic copies. This is considered a grey legal area on whether you are allowed to do this, but since I own the originals and have them within 10 feet of the dvd player, I feel Im in the clear.

There are probably 10 different was to do this, but this is the way I am doing it.

This is a step by step tutorial if the conversion and the streaming.

What you will need

1. ripbot264 - also requires (ffdshow ,Avisynth ,ffdshow)
2. ps3 media server
3. A computer
4. A PS

A step by step will follow shortly....


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