Hello! Welcome to Home Cinema News. You can find any number of movie reviews, product reviews, and industy announcement here.

Ive been interested in having my own home theater since I ran accross a link in an article I was reading about people having backyard theaters. After a few times of dropping $60 for our family of five to go to the movies, I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted a pretty big screen so I would feel like I was really at the movies. I started looking a 60-73 lcds, plasmas and dlps. With prices ranging from 3,000-4,000 dollar just for the tv I knew I need to go another way.

I remembered reading the artice on the backyard theaters, and decided to check to see if the price on projectors had come down at all from a few years ago. They had. I did a bunch of research online and bought my first projector and screen in janurary of this year. Im having so much fun with my home theater I thought I would start a blog and do movie reviews, product reviews, and how-to's pertaining to home theatre.

Stay tuned....


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