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Product Review - Elite Silver Frame

Manufacturer: Elite Screens
Model Number: SilverFrame100GH1
Size: 100" diagonal ( 87 x 49 inches )
Gain : 1.8
Purchase Price: $252.00
Purchase Location:
Product Url:

I did quite a bit research before puchasing my home theater screen. I had a few requirements it must meet, but what I really
wanted was screen that looked good, and wasnt very expensive. I looked at retractable screens as well as fixed frame screens,
in the end I went with the fixed frame. The retractable ones had me worried about waves or wrinkles in the screen.
Since I wasnt putting this screen in a dedicted home theater, I want it to look more like a tv, than a movie screen. The brushed
Aluminum frame gives it just that look. We had a bunch of people over for the superbowl, and it was the first time they were
seeing the setup, and quite a few people wanted to know how we got a tv that big. I had to put my hand in front of the projector
before they would believe me.

The 100" model comes in a matte white with a gain of 1.0 or a High gain Gray with a gain of 1.8. I wanted the higher gain for a
bright screen, but was worried about brightness falloff when viewing from the off center seating. I decided to go for it and I
havent been sorry. I can stand just to the side of the screen and still not see any brightness dropoff. The 1.8 gain with a 2000 lumen
projector gives a beautiful picture with no hotspoting.

When I the screen arrived I was really impressed with how it was packed. The sceen material comes rolled in a 4" wide piece of pvc pipe
and the frame peices were each wrapped in a foam material. Mine came in perfect condition. You have to put the frame together with
L-Brackets that slide right in the extruded aluminum frame. The corners were perfect, no gaps whatsoever. You stretch the fabric inside the
frame, which had me worried also, but it was really easy. I had the whole thing assembled in less than 25 minutes.

If your looking for a fairly low cost, high quality screen, then this is the one for you.


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