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A trip to the Bose factory outlet

The family recently took a trip to an outlet mall, and as a little repreve from the clothes stores and shoe shopping, I stopped into the Bose Factory outlet store. Ive always been a fan on inconspicious speaker and after looking around the store
for I while stumble accross, or I should say was pushed towards the new cube speakers. They are like 2 inches wide and kick out a bunch of sound, but the system is like 3 grand. The sales guy asked me if I wanted to see out their 15 minute presentation. I figured it was another 15 minutes I wasnt going to be shoe shopping, so what the hell.
They had a whole theater set up in the store. It consisted of a 120" screen a couple of large left and right speakers a fairly large center speaker,
And so back speakers that I couldnt really see. I was surprised at the size of the speakers they had in the room. I thought they would be pushing the really tiny speakers. They started the presentation and left. It was pretty standard stuff, talking about audio and video, and about how much audio was just as important as the video. Then part way throught the presentation the guy comes in and pulls down the left, right and center speakers to reveal that they were fake, and the real speakers are the tiny cubes.

The sound was incredible, but since going I have done a lot more reasearch on other home theater forums and Bose gets less than stellar reviews
from most people there. There biggest complaint was that the bose system couldnt reproduce the lows very well.

Im not a huge audiophile, but it seems there is cheaper systems that will outperform the Bose system. I would really like to hear them side by side.


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